It’s Christmas – let’s Read, Watch and Make Snow!

It’s Christmas – let’s Read, Watch and Make Snow!

Date: 20 Dec, 2017  No Comments

Over the festive period why not take the time to grab something warm and comforting and have a read of our latest winter newsletter, full of updates and family stories click HERE to view

You can also click HERE to watch these truly insightful videos from parents, Clinicians and people affected by Alström Syndrome. Where you can hear personal accounts of living with one of the rarest conditions in the world, they are definitely worth a look…
Why not take a look at some fun activities and healthy Christmas alternatives we have brought together to keep you all entertained over the festive period.
Christmas Festive Nibbles and Activities!
We know how difficult it is to resist all the treats and sweet temptations over the festive period. The internet is an Aladdin’s cove of creative and healthy ideas to try over the Christmas period. Take a look at the recipes and ideas which can be found at the blog ‘Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons’
Have a look at the snowman fruit pops, the Grinch fruit snack and a fruity candy cane! We would love to hear from you to find out your top healthy eating tips and see your festive creations!
Have a go at these fun activities from RNIB, including making alternative Christmas trees with children who have a vision impairment and our favourite, make your own snow – let your imagination run wild!!
Have a look on the RNIB website to find tips on how to make Christmas cards and sensory decorations.

You can also click on the link below to see our Foodie Fun Friends Club video where families come together to explore healthy options, socialise and make new friends.

Christmas office opening hours
The charity office will close at 5pm on Friday 22nd December 2017.  If you need to get in touch urgently over the festive period, please call 01803 368871 and leave a message with full details including your name and telephone number. We will endeavour to return your call within 2 days. All other enquiries will be responded to on our return on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

From all of the team at ASUK we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year!