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  • Full Name:Dr Elena Riva
  • Expertise Area:ASUK Trustee
  • Phone:ASUK Office 01803 368871

I am the Director of Studies at the University of Warwick Institute For Advanced Teaching and Learning. I have a background as medicinal chemist and chemical biologist.

I have been successful in securing national funding to support my diverse research: from antibiotic research to students’ wellbeing and global challenges such as the positioning of the ‘genetic discourse’. Outputs of my projects have been disseminated widely, both via academic publications and public engagement events.

One of my great research passions is the social impact of Genetics technologies and discoveries. In this context, I teach the undergraduate module ‘Genetics: Science and Society’, where students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, familiarise themselves with the scientific, ethical, societal and legislative debates around genetics technologies, but also around the concepts of identity, disability, equality, and disabled rights.

My drive and passion is championing the rights of people with disabilities, I develop opportunities to create awareness of this amongst students and the general public.

I am looking forward to contributing to the board of ASUK and working for and with people with Alstrom syndrome.