Your Donations Make a Difference!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our work. This invaluable support enables our vital service to continue.

This funding enables our support services to continue, and enables vital equipment for those affected to ensure they can lead an independent and fulfilled life, full of possibilities!

You can now request ASUK merchandise to help your fundraising event, these include collection buckets, t-shirts and wristbands. If you would like any of these items please contact Catherine Lewis on 01803 613117 or email.

There are so many ways to help and raise funds for ASUK.


Creativity is the Key!

Be creative, the more creative the idea the more publicity and the more money that could be potentially raised for our great cause. Get your little ones involved and think about sponsored events such as a sponsored swim, toddle, run, walk or ask the school to organise a play or concert and the proceeds could go to AS UK. The local community could get involved by organising a car boot sale, summer fete, coffee morning or an evening dance event. For the grown ups, get creative by baking cakes to sell at work or organise a pub quiz or a murder mystery evening or a speed dating evening! The possibilities are endless… and don’t forget to take lots of photos of your event for our newsletter and website. These could also be sent to your local newspaper to raise awareness of Alström Syndrome and the work of the charity.

Have a look on our ideas and inspirational story pages for some great ideas to get you started!

A funding grant from Sport England has enabled AS UK to purchase trikes and tandems for those affected around the UK so that they can get out and about and experience the joy of cycling. We hope this will encourage families to exercise in a fun way and get the family interacting together. AS UK will help and encourage our families’ to find bike clubs in their local area so that they can participate in group rides around the Country.

The equipment will always belong to Alström Syndrome UK and therefore can be transferred to other families when they have finished using the equipment, so more families can have full use of the equipment.

AS UK would also encourage the young people who are over the age of 14 to develop their skills through The Youth Achievement Awards which are a peer education approach to recognising and accrediting young people’s achievements. These are a great way for young people to develop essential life skills, build confidence and self-esteem and be recognised by gaining a national accredited award.

If you are interested in knowing more about this project or would like to be considered for a trike or tandem then please contact Catherine Lewis on 01803 613117 or email

Media Reviewed: March 2017
Next Review: March 2019