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Award Winning Charity,
Alström Syndrome UK Advancing Diagnosis, Care, Treatment and Support for those living with Alström Syndrome in the UK and throughout Europe

Alström Syndrome UK offer:

  • Support for families and individuals affected
  • Leading the way in Pioneering Research throughout the UK and Europe
  • Developed medical screening clinics where patients can receive the best treatments to manage their condition
  • Produced the only medical handbook dedicated to Alström Syndrome
  • Raise Awareness of this complex condition

If you are or think you might be affected by Alström syndrome, we recommend that you read this article about us first.

Alström Syndrome UK has three key aims:

  • to help people with Alström Syndrome to provide support for them, their carers and the professionals who are working with them
  • to raise awareness amongst both the public and medical professions of Alström Syndrome
  • to raise funds to promote research into Alström Syndrome

Emergency Numbers

There are two hospitals expert in Alström Syndrome, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham which treats over 16s and Birmingham Children’s Hospital which treats under 16s. If you would like to speak to a medical expert in Alström Syndrome please contact either:

  • Dr Tarek Hiwot, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham: 07979 127826 or alternatively via the QEH switchboard: 0121 627 2000
  • Prof Tim Barrett, Birmingham Children’s Hospital: 0121 333 9999

Media Reviewed: August 2015
Next Review: August 2017

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