Medical Handbook

Medical Handbook

A guide to greater understanding of this rare condition

For consultants, GPs and other health professionals as well as parents seeking to know more about Alström Syndrome.

Raising Awareness for Alström

This booklet has been produced by Alström Syndrome UK in an effort to promote greater awareness and understanding of Alström Syndrome, and to widen the spread of current knowledge. It has been funded by the NHS England.

It is hoped that the booklet will prove useful to medical and healthcare professionals and to parents anxious to know more about the Syndrome and the advances in methods of treatment.

This booklet uses a wide range of terms for medical conditions which may affect children and adults with Alström Syndrome. These are explained throughout the booklet and summarised in a glossary on page 25. Please note that the symptoms and conditions listed are intended to aid diagnoses and do not necessarily apply in every case of Alström Syndrome.

We are currently updating the medical handbook and it will be available to download shortly

Alternatively you can email Catherine Lewis for a copy.


Media Reviewed: March 2017

Next Review: March 2019