People Power!

People Power!

Date: 08 Feb, 2023  No Comments

A Truly Accessible World for Everyone – People Power!

Imagine for a moment – that you walk into your usual supermarket and every item has blank labels on them, and you can’t tell what anything in the boxes, tins and packaging is!

Well, welcome to the world for those who are affected by visual impairment…

Our very own Hannah Bromley-Challenor needs our help with a petition she has started to make a step towards changing this…

“I’m Hannah and I’m a young ⠏⠻⠎⠕⠝ living with Alström Syndrome and a second year student studying Medieval History at the University of Winchester.

Earlier this year I started a petition to get legislation for all products sold in the UK to have clear Braille labelling. I love using Braille for shopping lists, writing up lectures and seminar notes, and with Braille technology, I am able to put up posts on Facebook, look at emails, and go online. However, I do not think there is enough Braille labelling to help us to make our own decisions and to live independently when we shop. Therefore, I have to rely on others to locate products and read things for me. Many products either have print labels on top of them so it is difficult to read or there is none at all, such as on hair dye, most food and drink packaging and healthcare products. Some do have Braille labels but they don’t have enough detail. Prescription medication might have the product written in Braille on the box, but it would be useful to have the dose in Braille too.

If you agree that there should be more and clearer Braille labelling, please consider signing and sharing the petition in the link below.”

Let’s all get behind this campaign and make a small step towards a world which is accessible for all.

Come on… People Power!!