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  • Full Name:Carol Prescott
  • Expertise Area:ASUK Trustee

Carol, is a Habilitation Specialist as part of the Sensory Needs Team in Bury. Carol has worked with many of our young people and families over the years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the care and support system.


“I have worked for many years in various local government Sensory needs teams. After re training to be a Habilitation specialist over 14 years ago I have had the pleasure of taking a journey with so many babies, children/ young people and families teaching strategies to develop independence.


The role introduced me to Kerry over 10 years ago and many wonderful/dedicated staff within ASUK along the way. Together we have shared the values that we all hold, and I was honoured to be accepted on the Board of trustees at the beginning of this year. I will strive to work hard to ensure that all decisions are in the very best interest of the Alström community. Out of work I am very blessed that I can take breath-taking walks on the Cumbrian fells/ mountains with family and friends. I look forward to working closely together with you all and continue to drive the charity forward.”