Northern Powerhouse, Sheffield Makes People Happy!

Northern Powerhouse, Sheffield Makes People Happy!

Date: 21 Jan, 2020  No Comments

The Ticket Bank is for charities and community organisations that want to improve access to the arts, music events and cultural activities for their members who experience barriers to attending these events. Ticket Bank believe that all events should be accessible and socially inclusive and they provide free tickets to such events. They hope that these tickets will create fantastic memories and enable more people to enjoy these great activities together.

The video below shows the Ticket Bank in full flow providing free tickets to two of our members, Kion and Mum, Kerry who are affected by Alstrom Syndrome. They were able to attend the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield and as you will see from the video, they had a great time!

Well done Sheffield for bringing inclusivity and accessibility to more people.


For more information about the Ticket Bank, please check out their website