Time to Talk – Organ Donation

Time to Talk – Organ Donation

Date: 09 Sep, 2020  No Comments

To coincide with Organ Donation Week from the 7th – 13th September 2020,  we would like to shine a spotlight on Organ Donation – looking at the right information to help you make the right choices for you and your family.

Sifting through the myths and getting to the facts of the matter. The NHS Organ Donation website is a great place to start your research where you will find the most up to date and accurate information for you.

Click on the link HERE to the Organ Donation website to find the facts and hear from the experts. You can also click on links to select your faith or belief system to find useful information and guidance. You can click HERE to search through these areas to gain further information.

It was great to hear from Dr Nighat Arif on the ITV show This Morning to discuss her views about organ donation and how important it is for communities to do their research before making a decision.


This article ‘Why does ethnicity matter in organ donation’ explains why more people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic patients often have to wait significantly longer for a successful match than white patients, due to a shortage of suitably matched donors. It is a good read to put this all into perspective.

Sometimes it is also good to hear from the people who are affected themselves. You can click HERE to listen to real life stories of people whose lives have been dramatically affected by organ donation.