Have your say…

Date: 30 Jun, 2020  No Comments  Alstrom Admin

Have your say…  As you know the world has changed as we know it, with everything now becoming virtual and that has included our multidisciplinary clinics too… In June 2020, NHS England facilitated a consultation to learn more about patients experience of telemedicine clinics, 3 AS patients contributed to the telephone consultation and as you

Connect together for the Healthy Minds, Healthy You webinar

Date: 09 Jun, 2020  No Comments  Alstrom Admin

Join us and connect together Healthy Minds, Healthy You Webinar   On Thursday 22nd October 2020 we will be hosting a webinar with Anne-Marie Walker and Sarah Turner, both Psychologists who are part of our Alstrom Syndrome clinical service. They will be giving an insight into how we can look after our mental wellbeing during