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  • Full Name:Dr. Richard Paisey
  • Expertise Area:ASUK Trustee

I'm an active member of the ASUK Board of Trustees. My work with Alström Syndrome spans 15 years with provision of service and leadership of Lottery science grant studies which led in 2015 to publication of research studies confirming reversibility of diabetes in Alström syndrome with life style change and the causes of coronary artery disease in the condition. I was a Consultant Physician specialising in Diabetes and Endocrinology 1986 to 2012 and research I have undertaken has included foetal and neonatal physiology, adrenal response to stress in malnourished infants, neuropathy, nutrition and metabolic studies in diabetes. Between 2011 and 2017 I was the lead for a peer review of diabetic foot services in the South Western Region of England. This has contributed to reduction in diabetes related lower limb amputations in the South West region.